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"My family and I began Corinthia in Malta during the 1960s, first opening a fancy eatery, and later structure our first lodging, the Corinthia Palace. The world has changed much since those days, thus has Corinthia. Throughout the decades I have gladly viewed the lodgings develop and succeed and welcome visitors from everywhere throughout the world. I like to see the exercises gained from our initial a long time as a directing light helping us explore through the complexities and colossal chances of the cutting edge world. In the 1960`s we didn`t have any cash. Yet, what we had, in plenitude, was unyielding tirelessness. Also, we saved and embraced an idealistic demeanor to change difficulties into triumphs. We were venturesome, clear in our reasoning and productively goal-oriented. We spotted convenient chances and made a move in like manner. We were strong, yet had our feet on the ground. We had faith in our abilities and we were resolved to go the whole distance. We had a dream to construct an incredible lodging organization, and nothing was going to stop us.