My Cuban Store 

Welcome to My Cuban Store, and thank you for taking a moment to get to know me. My name is Alexis Martin. I am a first generation American citizen, born in Cuba. Growing up with family in Cuba gave me not only traditions, but showed me the rich heritage Cuba has to offer. America gave me opportunities, and new traditions. I started My Cuban Store, from a small room in my house in the year 2002. Back then I was a computer consultant with a small practice in South Florida. Although I loved my profession my entrepreneurial spirit was very strong. I was always trying to create and operate a retail internet business. I started by selling Cuban memorabilia and pre-Castro coins. One day my wife and I were invited to a beautiful guayabera wedding by the sea in Miami. We thought the Guayaberas might be a good addition to our business. Almost immediately those Guayaberas became the most popular item we carried. We carefully hand selected reputable manufacturers who best represented this traditional shirt. They became our first supplier, and we still buy from them today. But after learning the ins and outs of clothing manufacture, we started relations with factories in Latin America and Asia. Today we are proud of our own "Caribbean Classic Wear "brand of guayabera and the MyCubanStore brand Guayaberas and linen pants.