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A privacy policy is used to collect and save your personal information in order to observe the visitors of our site. We ensure you that our privacy policy is made to keep our customers personal information confidential.

We have created a transparent privacy in order to make our customers stress free and to eliminate their concerns about the abusive use of their personal information.

We just use your general information in order to understand our customer’s interests which helps us to improve our website and analyze traffic on our website.

At we ensure you that all of your personal information e.g. your name, email, contact and address should be kept confidential and we will only use it for your benefit, we will assure you that all of your information will never be distributed or sold to anyone at any cost.

Rights and Permits

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We can change or upgrade our privacy policies anytime and we would not be answerable to any of our customer regarding the changing of our policies. has right to stop or discontinue your voucher

without any prior notice. Our customers are requested to take any help from our 24 hours online customer services. For any further queries you can contact our help center. Regards,