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The Miles Kimball Company is an innovator in the immediate product business — offering cards, blessings, supportive family unit things, and remarkable nourishment items. Working from the shores of the Fox River in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, the business comprises of a few particular brands: Miles Kimball, Christmas Cards by Miles Kimball and Mrs. Kimball`s Candy Shoppe. 

Everything started in 1935, when a driven young fellow named Miles started a new business with a basic thought: to showcase a Christmas card in which the structure illuminated the name of the sender. With a Minneapolis telephone directory and some obtained money, Miles printed and sent customized cards to each "Johnson" family in the Twin Cities. The reaction was fabulous and given Miles Kimball enough seed cash to create his first inventory. 

Decades later, Christmas cards — the possibility that began everything — are still created and customized in Oshkosh. Having some expertise in solely planned decorations, names, youngsters` embellishments, outside stylistic theme and endowments, the individual touch keeps on being the Miles Kimball trademark. As we keep on developing, we stay consistent with our organizer`s vision: to furnish you with the one of a kind, the abnormal and the unforeseen. We trust you come back to our site frequently to find what we have coming up.