Private Island Party 

Private Island® is the world most eccentric and fun party company that pushes fun to a new extreme. We believe that everybody should be dressed up all the time and encourage people to break with social norms and enjoy life. Our slogan : "Dress up your Wild Side" is just that, our favorite people are creative, full of fun and laughter and see the excitement that the world brings when you don that costume. Originally, we started in 1997 as a party planner with all sorts of parties that we planned for all types of individuals and businesses - from weddings to bar mitvah to children parties, we now carry the ability to create your theme party and all the party ideas to go with it at very low distributor prices. In 2005, we launched Please contact our event planners at (1-877-272-0215)  if interested in a theme party we can plan for you from catering to decorations - the whole nine! We also are worldwide - serving Wholesalers and Distributors from Central Europe, Asia, Japan and Australia. We fulfill goods through other centralized channels in Lyon, France and Bismarck, Germany.