Are you looking for a water bottle for your child? They might appear to be straightforward, yet there are numerous things to ponder that you probably won,t understand. Past looks and cost, what else do you have to consider while looking for a children,s water bottle?

Some water bottles are simpler to use for little hands. Some are less inclined to spill. Others succeed at keeping your beverages super cold. Will you be bringing the jug along on a bicycle ride or climbing? Need a spill-proof jug for the homeroom?


We tested approx twelve water bottles with our own kids, in light of our encounters, we found that bottle material and spout style are the two most significant elements that influence your youngster,s water bottle insight. So which water bottle is best for your kid and how they,ll utilize it? Here are our eight proposals.

Best Water Bottles for Kids

Kids Water Bottle                             Why We Love It

  1. Kids Hydro Flask                                                                          Keeps It Ice Cold 

  2. Contigo Kids                                                                                 Unique Covered Spout 

  3. Thermos Funtainer                                                             Slim Design For Little Hands 

Kid,s hydro flask

The Hydro Flask kid,s water bottle is an unquestionable requirement for any youngster that needs their beverage to be cold. Can we just be real, who likes to hydrate that has been sitting in the vehicle the entire day?

On account of the twofold wall, vacuum-protected TempShield tech, the Kids Hydro Flask is the ideal decision in the event that you,re seeking to save your beverage cold for 24 hours. In any case, the twofold wall tech makes for a heavier container, a normal of around 3.5 oz. more than other top jugs. In the event that you want to stack up your rucksack with different jugs for a climb, this additional weight could burden you with your experience.


Specialty of the products

Capacity: 12 oz  

Dishwasher safe: yes 

Insulated: yes 18/18 stainless steel, double wall vacuum insulated; cold = 24 hours, Hot = No 

Spout style: straw 

Fits in bike cage: yes, but boot needs to be taken off

Contigo Kids water bottle 

The Contigo Autospout Kids is the lightest weight bottle on our list. Thanks to its Autoseal technology, the unique, covered Autospout keeps your child safe from unwanted dirt and germs. 

While this is a benefit over the uncovered spout on the Camelbak Eddy, the Contigo has more parts and can be convoluted to assemble back subsequent to being washed.


The convey circle makes it simple to hold for small fingers or snare onto a pack. While we haven,t had any issues at this point, the life span of the container has blended surveys because of the plastic material and issues with covers breaking.

Specialty of the Product

Capacity: 14 oz 

Dishwasher safe: yes

Insulated: no, BPA-Free plastic 

Spout style: Autospout, covered 

Fits in bike cage: Yes

Thermos Container

With eighteen plans to look over, the children,s Thermos water bottle makes certain to charm any kid. Guardians will particularly see the value in the sterile press button cover with spring-up straw that keeps the mouthpiece safeguarded from microorganisms, as well as the vacuum protection that saves fluids cold for as long as 12 hours and its outside sans sweat.

The Thermos Funtainer likewise procures focuses in light of the fact that it,s not difficult to snatch out of a bicycle enclosure or lunch box thanks to the coordinated convey handle. Its thin plan makes this container ideal for the little hands of youngsters ages 10 and under.

On the cons side, assuming your youngster flips around the Funtainer when the top is busted open, the water will break and spill. Likewise, assuming your kid loves to bite on their straws, this jug won,t work for you. While we didn,t encounter this, many parent commentators grumble about openings in the straw of this Thermos kid,s water bottle, causing more releases and a wet youngster.


Specialty of the product

Capacity: 12oz 

Dishwasher safe: No

Insulted: yes, stainless steel, double wall vacuum insulated; 12 hours cold, No Hot 

Spout Style: Straw with pop id 

Fits in bike cage: yes, but loosely