Vyond is a platform that creates and animates videos. It assists you in producing professional-looking animations without any extensive design or animation skills. The platform has a wide range of customizable templates, characters, props, and backgrounds that make your videos more attractive and engaging. It is a cloud-based platform where you can customize your animations with text, audio, and visual effects to create engaging and dynamic content. 

AI has influenced the creativity of content creators a lot, it enhances their content with minimum effort. Here is how Vyond’s AI-powered features help in creating good videos.

AI-Powered Video to Action

Animations give life to your character. It helps with developing the personality and makes it somewhat interactive with the audience. Giving your character a cool dance move or intricate martial arts move is not a difficult task anymore. Upload a video that shows the move you want and apply it to your character and just like that your character will now have that move saved.  With the help of AI, you can give many animations to your character and it doesn't even take a lot of time, a few steps and you have a new animation added.

AI-Powered Text to Prop

When you have an idea in mind that you can explain in words but either it's difficult to put it into animation or it takes too much time to express it in the form of videos. Vyond has got you an AI-powered solution for this problem. Your imagination is the limit of your creativity, you can bring your thoughts to the screen in simple steps. Just write a prompt explaining your vision for the video and AI will generate suitable props according to the text enabling you to add animations to your video without a hassle

AI-Powered Instant Video Translation

This feature is best for content creators who want to reach a global audience. With just a few clicks, you can translate your video content into multiple languages, breaking down language barriers and opening up new opportunities for engagement and collaboration. With this Video Translation feature, you can get the authentic translation of your script in 70+ languages. Now you do not have to worry about using the right words and correcting the wrong translated sentences because this feature has got you covered. 

AI-Powered Photo to Character

Using real people as characters in your animated video makes it more relatable and interesting. This gives your character a touch of reality which people enjoy. If you are a beginner you might not be able to make animated characters just like a real person and make them look good. It requires detailing and that can be a time-consuming task. To overcome this issue Vyond introduced its Photo to Character feature which with the help of AI generates characters similar to the provided picture. All you have to do is upload the picture you want to animate and boom! in a matter of seconds, an AI-generated character is made.

AI-Powered Automatic Background Removal

Now it's comparatively easier to remove a basic plain background but if it has more details then it gets a little tricky, you need to have very good concentration and attention to detail to remove the background by cutting any part of the required body, AI can help you with the precision and cutting the body out of the background as it can identify and extract the subject, even with complex edges or hair. Using this feature you can efficiently remove or blur the unimportant parts out.

AI-Powered Speech Enhancer

A video that has a clear sound without any distraction or distortion automatically feels high-quality. If your videos require you to talk to the audience, sing, or read something, or it's a podcast video, this feature is a holy grail. With the revolutionary AI-powered audio Noise Removal tool, you can say goodbye to irritating background sounds that ruin your audio improving its overall quality. It delivers crisp voiceovers and lets your audience hear you clearly.


The AI technology infuses creativity and personality into every frame, making each scene come alive with vibrant colors, textures, and movements. Vyond’s AI feature ensures that animated videos engage and mesmerize audiences. It takes less time and effort, giving you a margin to generate more videos that are of good quality. 


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