Cats are an adorable addition to your family. Their charismatic and cute existence makes your life better by being there for your emotional support and adding happiness to your life. As this little creature does so much for our emotional health it is our responsibility to take care of our beloved cats.


Just Russel is a brand that started the good work in 2020 and ever since its inception, they are making sure that our cats and dogs live a happy and healthy life. They supply a variety of pet food and other necessities for the betterment of your four-legged companion.

Here are some tips on how to keep your cats happy.

Feed Your Cat Good Nutrition

Just like humans, cats need good nutrition to stay healthy. Food that has a balanced mix of protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals is essential for their overall well-being. A cat’s digestive system is different from humans and other animals like dogs. There is a common misconception that adult cats like to drink milk but they are actually intolerant to it and similarly to many other foods. To avoid diarrhea and other diseases like UTI, feed your cat good cat food so that they can lead a cheerful and active life.



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Just Russel provides you with a vet service where you can tell them about your cat online. According to its breed, age, weight, and allergies, you will get the nutrients and portions your cat requires to be fed. You can order Cat food from their website for € 25,95

Train Your Cat

Training the cat is a crucial part of cat-parenting, it takes so much patience and consistency. This can be a little frustrating making you wish that you could communicate with them better, your fur baby doesn't understand human language but you can train them by using rewards. If you teach your cat to do a certain thing and if they perform well, give them rewards in the form of treats. 


Just Russel’s Healthy Cat Treats- Irish salmon is packed with omega 3, taurine, and vitamin D3 which is great for your cat’s gut health, bones, coat, and heart. It is extra crunchy adding more texture to the food. You can get it for € 6,95 and start training your little friend now



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Cat Littre

Cat litter is a crucial aspect of your cat’s overall well-being. If you have more than one cat get one litter box for each. Keep the litter box in a space that is not that active but your cat can easily reach, like don't put the litter box in the living room but rather at the end of a corridor or a washroom. Cat litter in the box should not irritate or get stuck in their fur and should clump very well which makes it easier to dump and can keep the litter box clean. 

Just Russel Cat Litter With Silicate has calcium silicate that helps with the odor and clumpiness. This litter has no artificial smell, which is great for every cat because cats don't like odor. You get this cat little in just € 8,28



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Cat Oil

Every cat breed comes with a distinctive color and fur coat. Your furry friend has a unique coat and unique requirements. Cat oil is a great way of keeping your cat’s fur coat fuller, shinier and healthier. It is also good for their joints and heart health

Just Russel cold-pressed salmon oil is a great supplement to maintain your cat's health. It’s delicious aroma increases the appetite of even the picky eaters and you can easily put it in their food. This cat oil comes in just € 14,25



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Play With Your Cat

Your indoor cats need physical activity and as they can't go out climb, run, and jump you can create a physically and mentally stimulated environment at home. Install cat trees so that they can have more climbing, and play with your cats using different toys like cat chews, toy mice, feather wands, and playing rods. The playing Rod from Just Russle is a very nice toy to keep your cat active. It brings out their hunting nature and keeps them mentally and physically involved. Strengthen your bond with your feline companion by getting a Playing Rod Cat Toy for € 5,45



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There is a misconception that cats are cold animals and they do not like being around their humans, whereas, in reality, cats are very sensitive creatures, they understand and acknowledge when they are loved and taken care of. Taking care of your little friends makes them trust you and feel safe around your presence. With Just Russel products you can ensure that your cat leads a healthy life, the food, litter, and toys in the store help you with the well-being of your fluffy pet ensuring a good life for them.